Minocha Lab

Welcome to the lab of Subhash C. Minocha, Department of Plant Biology , University of New Hampshire.

Click here to visit the lab of Rakesh Minocha, our longtime collaborators.

Current lab members:
Dr. Subhash Minocha , Professor of Plant Biology and Genetics 

In addition to the research in my lab, I teach in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture at UNH, and am involved in a number of other educational programs, including the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium and Project SMART

Dr. Andrew Page, Research Associate working jointly with Dr. Rakesh Minocha at the USDA Forest Service under a cooperative agreement.

Molecular biology of polyamine metabolism, in particular gene transcription.  I am studying a number of genes in the polyaminome (the part of the genome involved in polyamine metabolism) and how they are regulated in response to genetic manipulation. Although part of my work involves microarray analysis, the main technique I use is Quantitative RT-PCR.

In addition to this I am engaged in several projects involving cloning genes from a variety of sources for expression in plants or bacteria. 

Dr. John Wallace , Research Associate Professor
Sridev Mohapatra, Ph.D. Student 

Transgenic manipulation of polyamine metabolism in poplar. I am studying the molecular and biochemical regulation (involving HPLC analysis) of the polyamine metabolic pathway and pathways of related metabolites in poplar.

Rajtilak Majumdar, Ph.D. Student

Smita Singh, Ph.D. Student
Charles Rice, MS Graduate

I am involved in various projects in the lab since the completion of my MS, which focussed on analysis of gene expression in Arabidopsis by promoter- reporter fusions.  
Kushboo's Photo

Khushboo Patel, Undergraduate

Steve Pirnie, Undergraduate

Right now I'm working on phytoremediation of heavy metals.  I'm a junior majoring in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, and I plan to go on to get my Ph.D.

Carolyn Madden, Undergraduate

I am studying the effects of two fertilizers on disease progression in mint. I am a freshman Biochem major.  I love the outdoors and I'm excited to be working in the lab.


Caitlin Jolda, Undergraduate

I'm a senior, majoring in Biology and planning to enter the Public Health field after I graduate. I'm currently working in the lab on the caffeine synthase gene from tea leaves.


Matthew Power, Undergraduate

My project entails cloning glue genes from marine species for commercial production in plants and bacteria.

All lab members can be reached by mail at Rudman Hall, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH 03824
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